Bestbuyfragrance - I paid $81.98 for 2 bottles of perfume I ordered almost 1 month ago I never received. I have tried to contact this company, but i am unable..

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Update by user Sep 24, 2013

On August 27th finally sent me a refund confirmation email. I waited and waited.

There was no actual refund credited.

On September 24th I filed a claim with my bank,(Chase)and they got me my refund. Thank G-d for my bank, I am grateful to them.

Original review posted by user Aug 19, 2013

I purchased 2 bottles of Clinique Happy Heart 3.4oz for $81.98 on July 22,2013 from My bank account was charged via Visa debit.

My order number is: 47917. On the website under my account information it says my order is still being processed. I emailed the customer service on August 8, 2013 and August 14, 2013. Both times I immediately received a email stating my email would be looked at and I would receive a response within 24 hours.

I have had none. I tried to chat online and was unable to. I then sent an offline message. I then found a phone number contact that was on my online bank account that was used for the charge, and was not able to contact them this way.

I found a different number (possibly from a different state) and tried to contact this company this way, but this other number was disconnected.

I paid for something that after almost 1 month is still being "processed".

I have tried to contact this company in different ways with absolutely no success. At this point I just want my money back.

Review about: Clinique Happy Heart.

Monetary Loss: $82.


Argyle, Texas, United States #823730

Ordered Ralph Lauren Romance 3.4 oz (have been using it for years). Received a bottle similar in shape to the RLR but no fragrance, no label on the bottom, no RL label around the neck of the bottle.

Spent $50+ dollars and had to throw it away.

Fortunately it is the only bad experience I have had ordering fragrance online. BEST BUY FRAGRANCE is a ripoff!

Bestbuyfragrance - Returned product by still haven't received refund


I ordered a bottle of Polo Sport for my husband. When the package arrived, I opened it to find that the bottle had leaked during transit.

The cologne also did not smell like Polo Sport. I contacted BestBuy Fragrance and they told me to mark the package as refused and have the Postal Service return it. I emailed back that I didn't feel comfortable with this process as I wanted to ensure that it reached them; most business will give you a pre-paid return shipping label. They responded: "This is the recommended way to return.

By using this process, we are still able to track the package using the original tracking information. The tracking number still will allow the item to be tracked and we will see when it is on it's way as well. If you are not comfortable using this method, you can also return to the address below. Thank you." Given that they did not offer to pay for return shipping, I returned it the way they recommended it.

I put it in the mail on January 3rd; today is January 21st and I still haven't received my money back. I have contacted them now twice to see if the package ever arrived, but I haven't heard back.

I'm angry because they do not provide a phone number so I can speak directly to someone. I just want my money back so I can go buy the fragrance elsewhere.

Monetary Loss: $56.

Bestbuyfragrance - Bestbuy Fragrance Quality Questionable

Albuquerque, New Mexico 0 comments
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I just want to relay that I bought a perfume for my girlfriend on It was cheaper than other stores on google shopping.

Once she received it, she says it was clearly fake, and the bottle was half empty (it appears it got damaged during shipping, which is no one's fault). We decided to request our money back, but we've read online that they're not very good at customer service, so we're keeping our fingers crossed.

I decided to buy my girlfriend the same perfume from a more reputable store and she's now happy. The lesson: not worth the money I was supposed to save.

Review about: Carolina Herrera 212.

Don't buy from Shipped half the order and charged me in full!

Tampa, Florida 0 comments

I ordered two bottles of perfume from this company. When the box arrived last week, there was only one bottle in it, but the packing slip had two bottles on it. I emailed them to find out when they would be sending the second bottle and here is what they sent to me:


Thank you for contacting us with your issue. I have reviewed the shipping receipt for this order with all the shipping details. To prevent shipping mistakes such as this, we have several employees go through the process of printing the invoice, pulling the products, packing, verifying, sealing and weighing the package before printing the shipping label. Typically one item will weigh .13 oz up to 1.3lbs, depending on the product. This package when shipped weighed 2.5 lbs. You should also be able to see the package weight by viewing the shipping label on the box. Also on the day your order was shipped, due to our slow season, there was only 6 orders that cleared to process this day. The representatives who packaged your order and sealed your order, both separately noted the same details and information for your order number. With this in mind, if you did not receive both your products, you must file a police report and also a report with your local post office as your package was illegally opened and your products were indeed stolen. If we can be of further assistance, please feel free to contact us for further information. Thank you.


Farrah Z. Customer Service

I am shocked an apalled that they are accusing me of lying. The package says it weighs between 2 and 5 lbs on the label. That is a huge range. I emailed them back stating they better send the other bottle or I would file a claim with my Credit Card company. After seeing the emails below, it is clear this is an unethical company that shouldn't be in business!!!

Pissed Off in Florida!!

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Bestbuyfragrance sells Counterfeit Stuff

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Ordered "Red White and Blue" Men's frangrance (4.2 oz) from Bestbuy fragrance, and included a statement with my order that I do not tolerate receiving counterfeit merchandise represented as genuine. Not only was the item I received a fake, it wan't even a good fake!

The company's response was "Occasionally throughout the years, we have received items from these distributors that were misrepresented. We apologize if you have received one of these. In this case, we would like to ask for you to please return the item so we can present this item to the distributor we received it from."

Clearly, they want it back so that they can sell it to somebody else, and stopped returning my emails as soon as I indicated that any product I sent back to them would be marked in indelible ink, inside and out, "COUNTERFEIT".


Thank goodness for the ability to chargeback credit-card purchases!!

Review about: Polo Red White And Blue.

Monetary Loss: $50. sells fakes

Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo 1 comment

I found this website and actually wrote emails to confirm the products that were advertised and was assured by Holly B. that "all our items are unopened and sealed in the package.

We do not sell unsealed boxes or testers. If this were ever the case, it would be clearly stated in the description." When I received the products, she was right, they were in boxes and sealed; however, when the boxes were opened there were DAMAGED bottles inside that ALL smelled exactly the same, like alcohol. It was extremely embarrassing to give these gifts to my family and friends and be told, "I have used Issey Miyake for years and this is definitely not it. It smells horrible!"

The perfumes were noxious and the bottles ranged in state from chipped glass to deformed caps.

I have found reviews of this site (of course after purchasing from them) and some people refer to never receiving a refund. Has anyone out there been able to secure a refund from

Review about: Fake Products.


Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico #840862

productos falsos, es un fraude.

Bestbuyfragrance - Follow-up to previous post. Order #46583‏

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I sent a third email with no reply at all let alone the automated response that used to come. Not only will not return my emails, but now their website is now not working. This was discovered by trying the links on the automated response sent prior.

This is just a follow-up but I am required to write 100 words so I am just going to copy and paste the above to satisfy that requirement.

I sent a third email with no reply at all let alone the automated response that used to come. Not only will not return my emails, but now their website is now not working. This was discovered by trying the links on the automated response sent prior.

Review about: Dolce Gabbana Light Blue.

Monetary Loss: $49.

Washington, District Of Columbia 7 comments
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Do not order from this company. they refill bottles with fake scents.

I ordered my wife Juicy Couture and the product they sent smells nothing like the GENUINE stuff. I emailed (because they have no phone number) and i was told they would refund me half my purchase to rectify the issue. Refund never showed. .

I have emailed numorous times with no response. If its to good to be true it is.

Dont waste your time or money buy the good stuff. i dont see how they can get away with selling knock off products claiming it to be the real deal.

Review about: Perfume.

Monetary Loss: $100.



gracias,por aclararmelo,iba a hacer un pedido y esta claro que ahora no lo hare,,,tendrian que ir a la carcel los que venden imitaciones malas por originales,denunciarlos,,,,


I received the perfume order quickly but was not happy with the item. The smell was extremely weak, the lettering was chipping off of the bottle and the metallic parts of the bottle were scratched. I emailed customer service and here began my saga. After two weeks from my returning the item (see quoted items below) I emailed Holly B. and was told they had not received it but would refund me anyway. I then sent her the tracking info from USPS saying they indeed had received it on 5/18/12. The refund was given but not the shipping. Have since sent two emails to customer service(the last was 6/4/12)asking about the shipping refund with an automatic reply saying they will get back within 24 hours. This has not happened and as of last night, the shipping amount has not been refunded.

*** paraphrased from Holly B. in customer service***

"We purchase our fragrances from Fragrance Warehouses and Distributors. They get them from the retail locations. These retail locations only stock fragrances for 12-18 months. After that they are considered “expired”. Usually this doesn’t make a difference but occasionally the “expired” product may have an altered smell. If you are unhappy with your product we can offer either a 50% partial refund and you can keep the bottle saving time and money or we can issue a full refund once the item is returned to us."

" Once the item is returned, we will issue a full refund for the purchase amount, including the shipping cost we paid to ship it which we do not typically do. We usually refund minus the $5.00 shipping cost."


Comments don't make sense to me. I have ordered from them several times and have been very happy.

I also had to do a return as there was a little leakage due to the post office smashing my box, and I received a full and prompt refund. Refilling authentic bottles with fake perfume doesn't make sense.

What do you think they do? Call up Dior or Juicy Couture and order empty bottles and boxes???


I had the same problem. I purchased this for my wedding which is in 2 weeks so I just now opened the bottle and it does not smell right at all..and the scent immediately fades..this is mostly water I have requested a refund online if they dont issue a total refund Im filing a claim with visa.


Hello Mr. Crochet, I am writing to verify with you that the partial refund of $25 was received by you.

I personally submitted the refund on January 13th. I have verified that it was submitted to you and accepted by your bank.

The refund information was also submitted to you via e-mail on January 27th, 3 days before you wrote this bogus review. If you feel the need to write a review, please make sure you include all the CORRECT details.


You tell me how I got half the refund? I suggest buyers to their homework.

Im not the only scammed customer. Why should i waste my time and money to ship something back when the product is not even close to the original. I learned my lesson and wanting other consumers to be aware.

All you supplied was some email stating that the refund was processed but i didnt receive a check or credit on my card. Come back with some hard facts and stop trying to CYA!


I personally worked with this man and I have to set it straight. First off, every e-mail our company receives is answered within 24 hours, if not right away.

I personally refund this man over 1/2 his money and have provided documentation of the refund. If he wasn't happy with his purchase, we gladly offer a no questions asked guarantee, he could have returned for a full refund. All our items are brand new and unopened.

We have thousands of satisfied and return customers. Of course every one can't be happy but we do our best to make sure they are by providing quality products at great prices and good customer service to go with it.

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